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First of all:


This episode packed a lot of punch! (literally)

I don't even know where to start- I don't want to give much spoiler 

My heart breaks for Jon Snow. Poor baby! The burning scenes are just- *sniff* It was sad to see Jon burn Ygritte. But it got me thinking. Did Jon asked permission to prepare Ygritte's funeral pyre personally? It's hard to imagine Stannis to grant that, since it will safe time to burn all of them together. The same goes to the wildlings. tbh i keep expecting some of them suddenly got up and start attacking

Since Stannis is at the Wall now, Melisandre meets Jon Snow. Three words: Trouble Is Coming

Still at the North, Bran and the gang finally found THE weirwood tree. Skeletons start attacking them. The group fought their hardest but Jojen got mortally wounded. And then a Child of the Forest appear, throwing balls of flame. Gee, why can't you show up sooner? No Coldhands this season :iconsighingplz:

We finally see Bloodraven and he's... young. I mean, he looks younger than Aemon. To me. Aemon is 100 years old while Bloodraven is... 120-ish? I'm sorry, ASOIAF timeline and ages confuse me. 

Moving on to King's Landing. Cersei give the 'OK' to Qyburn to save the Mountain, despite his weird methods. Later on Cersei put her foot down on Don't-want-to-marry-Loras-and-shipped-off-to-Highgarden. When she see that Tywin won't relent, she dropped the bombshell and leaves right after. I think for the first time ever in this series, the head of House Lannister is really shaken. The camera moves on to Jaime who is reading the White Book. Cersei enters the room and... Well, I prefer not to tell you more, sorry.

Daenerys have a hard time ruling Meereen. The old former slaves are not satisfied with the new world older and her dragons are getting out of control. The irony when Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains must chain her dragons. For the sake of her people (with some wanting to be enslaved again).

I love how they make Brienne and Arya meet, and that they are bonding (although briefly). Then Sandor appears. He points out good points and Brienne can't answer back. The two fight (lots of punches in this scene). For a moment there Sandor looks like he wants her to kill him. I don't know, it could be just me. Brienne wins but Podrick lost track of Arya. While the knight and her squire left to continue their searching, Arya approached the wounded Hound. He begged her to kill him but she just take his silver and left. Cold. 

To King's Landing again, Jaime sneak Tyrion out through secret passageways. The passageway turns out to lead to Tywin's chambers. Coincidence? I think not. Then we see Shae on Tywin's bed. Uh-Oh. After he kills her, Tyrion grab a crossbow and found Tywin at the privy. Privy is how they called toilet centuries ago. So we have Tywin sitting on the privy at crossbow point. It's like having a gun aimed at you while you're in the bathroom. If it's not for the tension, I'll find it a bit comical, really. 

As you already guessed, Tywin did not make it out alive. Varys realised that situation will be bad for him and thus joined Tyrion to the Free Cities. Speaking of Free Cities, Arya managed to get on board a ship to Braavos by showing the captain her coin. That particular coin with 'Valar Morghulis' on it. 

Phew what an episode! I'm a bit bummed that there's no Sansa in this episode but oh well.

I don't want to bore you so here's what my hopes are for the next season:
- We finally see Sansa being an awesome player
- Brienne meets Sansa
- Tyrion and Varys meets Arya (admit it, they will be quite the trio)
- Interaction between Gilly and Shireen (I think it will be cute)
- We finally see what Dorne, Reach and Casterly Rock looks like
- More of Ser Pounce
- Rickon (It's been so long!)

Okay, let's stop here. I might add more in this journal later but first, I got to eat



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