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Admoneo Adult Leonhart by misschocoholic
Admoneo Adult Leonhart

Points for Gryffindor

An adult Leonhart, with shorter haircut, finally becoming the top of the food chain in the orchestra: the conductor. Hear Him Roar!!!

Sniff the Leonberger has grown so much ; 7 ;

Leonhart belong to me
HP belong to JK Rowling
Admoneo: Magazine Cover - Alice by misschocoholic
Admoneo: Magazine Cover - Alice

Points for Ravenclaw~

At first I want to do sweets or travelling to Muggle London but ultimately I decide it will be this. Sorry for the simplicity and untidiness QWQ 

And yes, I do want to have Alice try a different hairstyle once in a while V w V

Alice belong to me
Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling
APH Halloween Exchange For Mel~ by misschocoholic
APH Halloween Exchange For Mel~
For :iconmelonstyle:

I meant to finish this on your birthday but alas, ASSIGNMENT ( / Q W Q )/

I hope you like it Mel, sorry for the low quality and if it doesn't have much Halloween feels

HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconbirthdaycakeplz:

Norway & Finland (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
Rise of the Guardians (c) Dreamworks
Admoneo: Teenage Leonhart by misschocoholic
Admoneo: Teenage Leonhart

Points for Gryffindor~

Yep, my baby Leonhart as a teenager

Technologies are not support to work in Hogwarts but what the heck here's Leonhart listening to his iPod!
Admoneo: Alice's Halloween Costume by misschocoholic
Admoneo: Alice's Halloween Costume

Points to Ravenclaw~ :iconravenclawplz:

This is Alice's costume for the Halloween event... :icond-for-duchess: suggests Alice Madness Return and I agree </strike>though it's only because of the character Alice //slapped</strike> I choose the dress from Hysteria Mode because it is quite simplistic (and there's blood). 

Don't worry it's just colour changing spell on hair, contact lenses, a bit of eyeliner and body paint~

And I give her bunny to make her look more innocent (honestly, who want to see a child carrying around Vorpal Blade?)

Alice belong to 
American McGee's Alice belong to someone else
My OC Alice Mitchell 
Admoneo App: Alice Mitchell by misschocoholic

:bulletblue: Ravenclaw

:iconlightdanger: Hikari Sprocken  Hikari Spronken app Updated by lightdanger
Good friend
Alice and Hikari first met when they are looking for Platform 9 3/4 at Kingcross Station. In fact, Hikari is the first witch Alice met that is her age. They shared a compartment together and seems to hit it well. Alice admired Hikari's maturity as she is often viewed as childish. Alice's parents and Hikari's uncle seems to hit it off as well.

:icond-for-duchess: Verania S. Belross Admoneo: Verania Solange Bellross (New App) by D-for-Duchess
Role model Idol
Alice and Vera first met when the younger girl overheard Vera talking about her adventures to Salju the cat. Shocked of hearing Alice's almost adventure to the Forbidden Forest, Vera have her promise not to sneak out to the forest or swim in the lake. In return Vera will answer her best for every question the girl have and hang out. After every Hogsmead visit, Vera would bring back sweets for Alice who have a sweet tooth. Alice regarded Vera as a great beauty and she loves her long golden hair. She often use Vera as a model in her drawings. For young Alice, Vera is a very beautiful and talented witch who is also very brave and fun. She is like a big sister to Alice too. You can say Vera is an idol for Alice.  
:icontmkaleidoscope: Alistair Carter Frutensia Admoneo: Alastair C Frutensia by TMKaleidoscope
Senior Dragon
Alice and Alistair first bumped to each other (literally) when they first arrived at Hogwarts. Alistair who wish to see Hagrid (who is there to take the first year to the castle) almost knocked over Alice. After learning from Hagrid that Alistair is an expert on dragons, curious Alice bombarded him with questions. A surprised and delighted Alistair happily answer each question, to the point of him demonstrating dragon's wings. Both become even more delighted when Alice is sorted to Ravenclaw. Alistair nicknamed Alice 'Baby Dragon' and Alice nicknamed him 'Senior Dragon'. Due to his pureblood status and magic upbringing, Alistair often do not understand Alice's Muggle references. 

Alistair is reading the Hobbit and LOTR series at the moment thanks to Alice. Alice is certain that Alistair will become Smaug's fanboy and he did. Alice look forward to show Alastair the movies.

Alice managed to convinced him to join the Art Club, telling him that if he learn how to draw, he can draw the dragons he saw when he's off finding new dragon species. 

:bulletred: Gryffindor

:iconphantompuppeteer: Alvero M.Foster Admoneo: Alvero M. Foster by PhantomPuppeteer
Cool Senior
Those two first met thanks to Cihuy, Vero's chihuahua. Alice loves the small dog because him grinning reminds her of Chesire Cat. Vero himself found the girl as cute and okay since she is the first person who is not afraid and actually like his dog. Alice almost discover his secret of having concerts for merpeople at the lake. Vero let her take a glimpse of the merpeople by casting her aerbulla so she can breathe underwater and see the said beings under the lake. 

Alice can sense that Vero is hiding something, in other words, he's wearing a mask. She doesn't like it when people hiding their true selves behind a mask and warn Vero not to let the mask become his true self. One day Alice saw Vero's other side, fanboying over Hyuna.

:bulletyellow: Hufflepuff

:iconz3phyr0s: Zaara. K. Knightlord Admoneo : Zaara K. Nightlord by Z3phyr0s
Good friend
Alice first met Zaara during the train ride to Hogwarts. She ended up sharing compartment with Alice and Hikari. The two girls shares their interest in art, though Zaara only know pencil so far. Alice recruited Zaara to form an art club later on. Alice is a bit disappointed at first that Zaara got sorted to Hufflepuff but recovered since their tables in the Great Hall is right next to each other. The two girls promised to spend time together during summer break, preferably with their brothers tagging along as well. Zaara found the wide age gap between Alice and her brother Eric interesting.

:icontayuchi: Callum MarshallAdmoneo App: Callum Marshall by Tayuchi
Nice senior / Mr. Doodle
Alice accidentally saw Callum's doodling and they get to know each other from it. Callum show interest in Muggles and Alice is always happy to answer his questions. 

:bulletgreen: Slytherin

:iconkomoe-kanna-chama: Elliot L. Charlengston-Grey Admoneo- Elliot's app by Komoe-Kanna-chama
Almost-Complete-Strangers / Exhibitionist?
Those two first met in the library when Elliot take a seat next to Alice. He can't help but noted that Alice is reading a book about Muggle and commented rather rudely. Alice didn't get taunted and soon enough she completely forgotten about him when she start sketching. A rather curious Elliot watched her sketch then. Misunderstanding, Alice explained her drawing, a picture of Muggle riding an old plane model with a wizard on broom. An irritated Elliot make another rude comment about Muggles, saying that they are not as great as Alice might think. To his surprise, Alice agreed though that's because she knew from the books that human nature are complex. They are not necessarily good or evil, and that Muggles and wizards are essentially the same. Human.

On their next encounter, Alice accidentally see Elliot together with Yukimura (Elliot's familiar who is actually an animagus) in his human form, naked. Misunderstanding, she accuse Elliot as a exhibitionist. The embarrassment and confusion soon forgotten as Alice found Mouse!Yukimura cute. To the boys horror, Alice 'kidnapped' Yukimura, bringing him with her to Ravenclaw Tower. Elliot tried to have her release Yukimura but Alice won't have it, since so far Elliot has been rude to her, going as far as calling her a stalker. From Elliot's desperate excuses to get Yukimura away, Alice concluded that Yukimura do belong to the boy but thinking that perhaps Elliot is too prideful to admit it. Yukimura safely got away and return to Elliot that night after Alice fell asleep.

:icontmkaleidoscope: Wyatt. U. HawthorneAdmoneo: Wyatt U Hawthorne by TMKaleidoscope
Senior Snake Phobia-to-magical-creatures-in-general-senior
Alice first met him when looking for Professor Halden for DADA tips. The professor then decide that Wyatt should train Alice. Wyatt isn't exactly thrilled with this but comply in the end. Despite his opponent being a first year, Wyatt use nonverbal magic on Alice. As the conversation goes on, Alice deduce that Wyatt is paranoid when it comes to magical creatures. He found Alice is ver naive and similar to Alastair.

Alice once turn his hair colour to rainbow and from there, Wyatt nicknamed her 'Little Rainbow Princess' while Alice nicknamed him 'Senior Snake' (which he dislikes). After their almost disastrous expedition to the Forbidden Forest, Alice see Wyatt from another light.

:iconxXxAllTheRestxXx: Silvia Marie ChastainSilvia Marie Chastain Character Ref: ADMONEO RP by xXxAllTheRestxXx
Cool Senior / Slytherin's Vera?
Alice don't know Silvia well but she do recognise her magic abilities and cleverness. She found her similar to Vera...

Tedmund Adelmar Admoneo App: Tedmund Adelmar by misschocoholic
Cool Senior / Very Dreamy Indeed
They two first met when they got into a pretty nasty bump to each other in the hallway. Being in a rush, Tedmund didn't notice that he accidentally grab some of Alice's books.


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